We want to show our appreciation for our loyal Food Pantry volunteer Harold Nicholson.  Harold started to volunteer at the pantry after he was invited by his fellow church friend Goeben Johnson, our pantry Manager.  The invitation was casual said Harold, he said just come to ACO and check out our pantry one day. “Well, it’s been two and a half years since that invitation, and I am still here. There is no better place to help other people and have an enjoyable time while you do it… And age is not an excuse because I am about to turn 75!” shared Harold.

Harold volunteers MON-WED-FRI from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., when the food pantry shelves are restocked, floors and refrigerators are cleaned and the whole place gets ready to receive clients the following day. “We are very grateful for Harold! He cares so much that when I am on vacation, I know he will be here with other great volunteers to make sure our clients are helped!” shared Geoben.

One occurrence that touched me the most:

“People who have never needed food assistance before come to the pantry and they hesitate to choose the food items they really need. Their shopping carts at check-out are almost empty because they don’t want to take food from others. I am here to encourage them during this time, and to assure them that they can and should choose more food because that is why the ACO pantry is here – to help others who are going through hard times… I am here because of James 1:27.” (Harold Nicholson)

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