A Critical Message to our Collin County Neighbors

We are counting on you, more than ever before….

These are challenging times for so many of us, on many levels. 2020 has brought about challenges we never could have imagined. While we face the impact of these challenges, what remains constant are the basic needs of people- to have a roof over their head and food on their table. Through these times and for more than 35 years now, ACO’s mission has remained strong and focused: To help families with basic needs, with guidance and support to financial security, and to be a safety net to all of Collin County in preventing hunger and homelessness.

While COVID-19 caused many to lose their jobs and financial security, there were families already at risk of losing their homes, facing hunger and without income. And, with many new families facing food insecurity and finding themselves in free food lines for the first time, there were already hundreds of families each month dependent on the ACO Food Pantry to feed their children.

There were many low-income families facing financial distress long before the pandemic. Through these new challenges, we will not forget our commitment to help the elderly and fixed income families, the single parents struggling to survive in their current low-paying jobs, and those who have faced poverty not just in the past months, but for much longer.

Help for families facing income loss from COVID-19 is available with the recent Collin Cares Act funding. ACO- All Community Outreach is one of the local agencies able to administer short-term funding to families who qualify. But we must also have funds to help those who do not qualify, those who’s struggle is ongoing.

Support from our neighbors must continue for ACO to stay strong and vital through these difficult times and beyond. We need our community backing, the generosity of local businesses and individual donors, churches and civic groups, and everyone’s support to continue our mission. We ask of you to keep ACO on your giving list through 2020.

Each year ACO has an annual campaign during the summer months, GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE. Normally we would send a colorful letter and brochure in the mail to local residents, explaining our mission and a success story of a local family that ACO has assisted and ask for your donation in a return envelope. But this year is different.

This year we don’t have the time to focus on marketing and promotion, as our staff is ALL focused on helping families. We don’t have the extra funds to spend on printing and stamps and wait for you to respond. We are counting on you, more than ever before, to help these neighbors in need and to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE.

Please continue your support with our secure online donation process at www.acocares.org. Mail your checks or drop off your financial gift to our main office, 801 E. Main Street, Allen TX 75002.

$50 will…buy household cleaning supplies for a family to stay safe from the Coronavirus
$100 will…pay a water bill for a family who is facing a cut-off notice
$250 will…provide kid-friendly foods for a child’s breakfasts and lunches all summer long
$500 will…keep an elderly couple cool and comfortable in their home with their utilities paid
$1000 will…help ACO keep our own utilities paid to run our food pantry freezers and gas our trucks to support our mobile pantry programs.

Your dollars will help support our general fund for programs and services, and our operating costs to serve the families of Collin County who depend on us each day. We thank you for allowing us to count on you!


Amy Gnadt
ACO Board President

Marjorie Vaneskahian Burr
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. It’s not a typo! It is our new name, All Community Outreach! Since we serve families beyond Allen city limits, our Board of Directors voted to change our name to something more inclusive. Watch as we change from ALLEN to ALL! Our name might change, but our mission and goals and our home base in Allen remain consistent. Thank you all for your continued support and for holding hands with ACO!

Can we also count on you to help spread this message to your neighbors and friends? Please forward to your email contacts. Like and share our message on Facebook and Instagram. Help ACO stay strong and focused throughout our community.

All Community Outreach- ACO | 801 E. Main Street, Allen, TX 75002
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