Dear Friend,

I truly value our volunteers and have gotten to know many of you over the years! I began my career at Allen Community Outreach as the Volunteer Director in 2001, and made some dear friends with many dedicated people who support our mission. April is “Volunteer Appreciation Month”, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our volunteers with this message. Please know that you are appreciated each and every day for your countless hours and commitment to help local families. Our logo shows supportive hands in a heart- and nothing says it better about our volunteers working hand-in-hand with a passion and love for what they do.

April also hosts “Earth Day” and did you know that ACO is one of the largest recyclers in Collin County? Donations that you drop off at our resale operations first go to families that need them- clothing, household items, etc. Your items are sorted to go to our Watters Creek ACO Boutique location if they are quality home décor pieces. The Boutique last year grossed $188,116 in sales from your donations. Other items are sorted for sales at our Main Street location Resale Shop and the ACO Treasure Chest on Boyd Drive. Together those stores’ sales proceeds were close to $1,000,000 last year. Items donated in lesser conditions were recycled and sold by the pound, which brought in $197,866 in 2018. Thousands and thousands of pounds are kept out of our landfills thanks to ACO! Net proceeds help to support our Operations, so that grants and financial gifts can directly benefit our programs and services to help others.

Spring is a joyful time for so many of us. But there are families in our area who are struggling to pay bills and feed their children. A better job, more education or simple things like a full pantry and a paid utility bill go a long way to help them find joy. That’s what ACO does. We help find joy. This Spring and throughout the year, please help us bring joy to others with your donations.

Many thanks!
Marjorie Vaneskahian Burr, CEO 
P.S.  Review our 2018 Annual Report and see all the good that you did!
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