Dear Friend,

Last week I was honored and humbled to be selected by our Board of Directors as ACO’s new Chief Executive Officer. I’ve served as Interim CEO since late January, but this permanent selection has me so excited! You’d think after more than 15 years with ACO that I would be unphased by the struggles that come through our doors. But I continue to be shocked at the many crisis situations families are facing every day right here in our area. I continue to be heart-broken at the efforts parents are making just to manage food for their children, or the determination they have to better themselves with education and to seek employment. However, I am so very grateful for the resilient staff who work with these families day after day to help them on a path out of poverty or to rebound from their crisis. I am so appreciative for the volunteers who work alongside us making ACO programs and services possible, and I am so thankful for our donors who provide the financial support and gifts to keep our mission on track. Yes, I am excited! See the 2018 Annual Report and the positive impact ACO makes in our community. It will make you excited too.

Many thanks!
Marjorie Vaneskahian Burr, CEO 
P.S.  Review our 2018 Annual Report and see all the good that you did!
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