Dear Friend,

It’s that time of year… to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE. It is only with your support that ACO is able to provide financial assistance to pay those high electric bills this month, distribute specially-packed kid-friendly food bags for the summer, and continue the GED program and Employment Services are active all year long. But, we cannot provide summertime relief to families or continue programs year-round without your gifts. Recently you received a letter or email from me asking for your help to continue these vital services by giving where you live. GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE is ACO’s summer ask to join hands with our Board Members and Staff to make a financial gift.

I remember a day a few summers back, it was a very hot and humid day. We were distributing groceries out of ACO’s Food Pantry truck to families standing in line at the Branch Fire Department, just 9 miles east of Allen. Even the metal building we were standing in was almost unbearable. But there were over one hundred people in line waiting for a single bag. I walked out of the building hoping for a breeze to catch my breath. I looked over at a man and woman who had just gone through the line and gotten their bag of groceries. They were sitting on the hot concrete leaning against that blazing hot metal building. But they didn’t seem to care. They were into the jar of peanut butter that was in their bag, and had opened the loaf of bread. I watched them eat, with smiles on their faces. They didn’t care that it was hot, or that they weren’t sitting at a table or even eating without plates or napkins. They were grateful for the food they had in their lap sitting on the ground, obviously the first food they had in a while. I was grateful that ACO was there, on that 100 degree day- feeding hungry families! And, we continue to go every month to take care of our neighbors in Collin County. Days like this are possible because you give where you live!

Good things are happening at ACO! We welcome back Rhonda Ptak this month who is re-joining the staff as Chief Community Development Officer. Rhonda served as ACO’s Special Event’s Director and Food Pantry Manager for several years. We are excited to have her focus on fund development and community awareness. At the same time we say farewell to Daniela Mesquita who has served the past two years as ACO’s Fund Development Director. We wish her the best as she advances in her career.

Also, Aaron Vaughn who has served as Director of Operations has been named Chief Operations Officer. We have a terrific team leading our mission with Rhonda, Aaron, Julie Macpherson as Chief Client Services Officer and myself as your CEO, along with a wonderful team of directors, specialists and support staff.

Enjoy your summer, stay cool and PLEASE GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

Many thanks!
Marjorie Vaneskahian Burr, CEO
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