The number one reason many of our neighbors need ACO services is unemployment and underemployment. ACO has a staff of professionals who can help you define your skills, detail your experience, revise your resume, and prepare for interviews, etc. The Employment Services are available for Collin County residents 18 years or older.



GED Assistance

ACO provides Collin County residents that have not obtained a high school diploma an opportunity to receive the following:

  • Online study prep courses
  • Computer lab space
  • Academic Support
  • GED Testing Fee Support


Requirements- Cannot be enrolled in a public, private, home, online or charter high school. If 17 years old or younger, you need Texas Education Agency approval to enroll in a GED preparatory class

Financial Coaching Services

ACO provides financial coaching to help you become more financially stable. Here are a few of the tools offered:

  • Develop income and expense budgets that align with your goals and income level
  • Improve your Credit Scores and credit building
  • Strategies to pay off debt
  • Develop savings plans
  • Assist with making informed financial decisions
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