A powerful statement

I try to send personal thank you letters to donors as often as possible. Sometimes it is just an email note of thanks but I hope it is always heartfelt. Recently I sent an email to a donor and I received a “thank you” for my “thank you.” But her message was so much more…
This single mom of four told me that she had moved to our area several years ago, full of hope for starting a new life for her family. She found a job and loved their new home in Collin County. But as is with many families, they faced struggles.
“We fell on hard times and All Community Outreach was there to show the support we needed to get back on our feet.”
“From that moment on, I decided that whenever God provided me with the opportunity to have more than enough, I wanted to be the Giver and not the Receiver. Without ACO in this community, many of the resources that you offer would not be available. That’s why I must support ACO as much as I can, so that anyone that needs help will not leave ACO empty-handed,” she wrote.
She ended her note with this,
“Having a giving spirit is a blessing from God, it’s shown me how to give more of myself…I want to SHOW LOVE and become a LIGHT as bright as ACO!”
That was the ultimate compliment to me, to say that our organization is a bright light in our community. What a powerful statement! And what a thoughtful and kind way to give: “whenever you have more than enough.” I will carry her words with me…
I often tell you about those neighbors in Collin County who DO NOT have more than enough. In the first quarter of 2021, we had more than 1100 applications submitted online for assistance. Yes, I said 1100 families needing help! Sometimes there are 15-20 a day. It could be overwhelming if we let it. These are families without jobs, months behind on their rent or mortgage, with utility disconnect notices, with no food to feed their children, some even homeless. This is the reality of our world, our neighborhoods, our friends and family, and the reality here in Collin County.
Vaccines are more available, restaurants are again filling tables, and we want our world to be back to normal, pre-COVID. While our world is beginning to look normal again, it is not. People are still struggling. Families are still facing financial issues, hunger, unemployment, illness, and fear. We also saw families struggling before COVID, and we will continue to see the struggles until we end poverty in our area. That is why this young mom’s message is so important- that without ACO, resources to help families would not be available. But even more important in her message was that without our donors we would not exist. ACO could not be the bright light that she described. It is YOU who show love, kindness and support to make our mission possible. PLEASE remember her words and whenever you have more than enough, please give.
Really, it is many things that are happening within our walls at ACO and I am so excited. You may have heard that Michelle Clough, our former Volunteer Services Director and former Food Pantry Manager is NOW ACO’s Chief Missions Officer and will lead our programs and services. Michelle has brought Teri Carlo to ACO to serve as Volunteer Services Manager. We are thrilled to welcome Teri and so honored that Michelle has stepped into her new role.
Other recent positions have been filled by Julie Brown, CPA as ACO’s new Controller and Dana Allison as Director of Resale. We have a strong, talented and mission-minded team! But we have more, we have an ACO Family who are here to serve Collin County families in need. Please join me in thanking and congratulating our newest members to the family!

Many thanks,

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