Announcing Our ACO Days

You Can Help Make a Difference

Because of our caring donors ACO serves individuals and families in Collin County each day with food through our Food Pantry, income support for utilities and rent, provides GED classes, employment assistance and much more.

Host an ACO Day at your School or Business

  • Support our ACO Food Pantry – This can be done anytime of the year. Choose a day, a week or a month! Certain times of the year we have a special need for holiday food items in November and summer kid-friendly food items in May.
    Here is link to the current list of most needed items.


  • Support Our Resale Shop – Ask your students and staff to bring items for the food pantry and/or gently used donations of clothing, shoes and household items for our resale shop. Items donated to ACO’s resale operations support the community in two ways: items are provided to families in need at no charge, and items are sold in our stores for a profit that supports vital ACO programs. ACO can provide a truck onsite the day of your collections and your students can load the truck themselves! Some schools make this an annual event and a competition between classes or grades. It’s a fun way to show support! ACO DAYS are scheduled as available with ACO vehicles and are scheduled one or two per month throughout the year so book yours early with an ACO Staff member.


  • Hold a NEW household items drive at your school or business – Help stock the pantry with our additional needs. This can be done anytime throughout the year, or choose a different item for collections each month. Several schools have done this for many years and we’ve been able to keep our pantry stocked with household staples. Items such as shampoo and conditioner, bath soap, laundry and dish detergent, diapers, toothbrushes and toothpaste and specific needs we list on our website are critical to keep on the pantry shelves.


  • Make it fun with an idea of your own – Hold a food drive, or a coat drive!  Have a contest; divide up the needs and ask each grade or department to bring a different item- first grade Peanut Butter, second grade Toothpaste, etc.  Involve your PTA, have the students make posters, and discuss the needs in our community.

For more information or to schedule your School or Business ACO Day, Please contact Rhonda Ptak at

Click Here to Download the ACO Days Announcement you can personalize for your ACO Day Event.

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