Bigger, Better, Broader in 2021

Happy New Year! We made it through 2020, a year that felt like it would never end! So many families struggled, so many faced unimaginable challenges and losses, and our community came together to embrace and support these neighbors like never before.

You heard from me throughout last year about the struggles we saw, the stories of families and their desperation. And while I wish I could say it is all behind us now, it is far from over. COVID-19 is still prevalent, businesses are still closed or cutting back, which means many are still without the income that they need, and the vaccine is here but will take time to reach everyone and become impactful. We are still in the trenches of this battle.

But there was so much good that came from last year as well. Those who had money, food, school supplies, toys for Christmas and more to share, did so. Some who had never given to ACO stepped up, as well as those long-time donors who gave again or gave more. Last time I wrote to you I was in tears of gratitude! I saw so much good from so many kind and generous hearts.

And you responded with your thanks to ACO and to me. You sent words of encouragement and confirmation of your care and concern for our staff and our volunteers. You will never know just how much that means to all of us who come to work every day at ACO. And, we could never have done our job and supported the mission without you.

While I feel as though you know me well by now, you may not know the people who stand with me shoulder to shoulder each day…


Aaron Vaughn is ACO Chief Operating Officer and has been a vital member of ACO’s team for more than a decade. Aaron oversees programs that support our mission- our Client Services team and its services including the food pantry, as well as the operations and logistics of our facilities.

Rhonda Ptak is ACO Chief Community Development Officer and previously worked for ACO for 4 years before taking another position in the community, then returning in 2019. She is now responsible for funding sources and donations that support our mission, which include donors, grants and foundations, fundraising events, communications, community partnerships and resale stores.

Underneath the three of us, is an amazing team of 40+ staff members and department directors that make it all possible. View all of our staff and their contact information on our website at www.acocares.org. I hope you will get to know them all!

We are committed to care bigger, better and broader in 2021. What that means is that ACO will continue to provide more programs to meet the needs of our community- our list of services and how we serve will continue to become “bigger” as needed. And our staff with be “better” than ever before, working harder and smarter to support families with care and kindness in the best way possible. We will be “broader” as we continue our reach to help those in need in all corners of Collin County. For many years now ACO has served families in Allen and those living in surrounding neighborhoods across the county. That’s why we finally changed our name to “ALL COMMUNITY OUTREACH” to best represent all of the families we are here to help prevent hunger and homelessness.

On behalf of all of us, we wish you a safe and happy 2021. Please know that we are counting on you to stand with us, beside us, and help us to help those most vulnerable. We are ALL in this together.


I have said this before, but it is critical to keep repeating! PLEASE Don’t stop! Don’t stop caring and supporting ACO. We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but the struggles did not magically end with 2020.

Continue your financial gifts to help ACO provide hope and prevent homelessness, your donations of food items to help us fight hunger, and your household donations so that we can provide clothing and items to families in need, and continue to stock our resale stores. We hope to reopen the Main Street Resale Store this Spring!

Donate online, using the button below or by visiting acocares.org, or mail to 801 E. Main Street, Allen TX 75002. THANK YOU! Our Holiday Campaign continues through January 31st, so please give TODAY!

Many thanks,

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