This fall, students in the Bakery Operations Management Class at Collin College worked with ACO in a creative – and very generous – service learning project. They began by visiting our offices for a discussion about client services and continued with a tour of the food pantry, making note of what we had on our shelves and what we planned to collect for holiday food bags. Next, they assisted with our monthly food distribution in Branch (9 miles east of Allen), helping clients and learning about their needs. They then worked together to develop and test recipes using foods people might receive through ACO and made a cookbook of over 75 recipes to be given to clients this Thanksgiving. They even held a bake sale at Collin to raise the funds to print the book.
We are so grateful for the work of these students and their professors who not only support the work of ACO but greatly enhance the way we care. Some of the students volunteered in the holiday food distribution this Monday as well.
Front row: Renee Fox, Judith Pruzzo, Maleena Navarro, Hilda Medrano, Audrey Cook
Back row: Daniel Rosales, Chef Jill McCord, Sharon Bonner, Chalita Khayya, Golda Sumpon, Wallapha Phuttarnsri and Elisa Maclean

Collin College professors Abby Christian and Jill McCord deliver 550 cookbooks to Pantry Manager Geoben Johnson and volunteers Harold Nicholson and Barbara Battice.

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