Did you get it?

Did you get a postcard in the mail from ACO? It’s coming to your mailbox this month. So many of us no longer pay as much attention to our “snail mail.” I know that we are guilty at my house of leaving the pile of mail on the kitchen counter for a few days sometimes before we sort through it all. But there are still important items that come through the United States Post Office to our homes. And the postcard from ALL COMMUNITY OUTREACH in June is certainly one of those!

  • The postcard is mailed to homes across our county each June as part of ACO’s summertime GIVE WHERE LIVE CAMPAIGN and is important for many reasons.
  • This postcard is an introduction to many residents who may not be aware of our agency and our mission. Creating awareness is key to reaching those families who are facing crisis situations and need to know that ACO is here to help.
  • This postcard is a reminder to our neighbors to join hands with ACO and change lives with their financial gifts by giving where they live.

That postcard also explains that ACO prevents hunger and homelessness by supporting families in crisis situations and providing a path to stability.

  • ACO Food Pantry provides hundreds of local families each week with groceries to feed their children, totaling more than $1.3 million meals each year.
  • ACO Cares Center is filled with clothing, diapers, housewares, personal hygiene and household cleaning products and other essentials for families in need at no charge.
  • Kiser-Covington ACO Learning Center hosts classes each week on critical topics such as budgeting, GED classes, computer skills, and employment assistance with resumes, interview skills and job search techniques.
  • All Community Outreach Resale is the largest charity thrift store in Collin County and carries a huge selection of quality furniture and home decor, a large used adult and children’s book section, and more than 4,000 pieces of clothing on the sales floor for the entire family. The new location recently opened at 117 N. Greenville Avenue in Allen. Your purchases will support local families facing crisis situations.
  • Diane and John Schoch Donation Center accepts furniture, clothing and household donations, providing the community with tax-deductible opportunities to give back to help others while preventing waste. The new center is next to the resale store and is now open extended hours 9am-6pm Mondays-Saturdays.

While we wrap up phase one of our expansion plans with the opening of the new store and donation center, we quickly are entering phase two. This includes the relocation of the ACO Cares Center to our Main Street facility, expansion of the Kiser-Covington ACO Learning Academy with larger classrooms, and a return to the choice-pantry distribution that we offered to families prior to the pandemic.

With phase two, the need for additional funding is vital. Naming opportunities are available for the ACO Food Pantry and the ACO Cares Center. If you are interested in leaving a legacy in your family name or someone that you’d like to honor by making a major gift, while knowing that for years to come more and more families will be served through ACO’s expansion, then please give me a call or email for details! Marjorie@acocares.org.

One more thing…

When you get it, bring your postcard to the new ACO Resale and redeem it for 25% off your entire purchase any time before July 31st! I’d like to know just how many of our donors and volunteers are receiving the postcard AND incentivize you to come see the new store!

When I ask, did you get it, what I’m truly asking is do you realize the lifeline that you provide with your support to help parents feed their children when they cannot afford groceries, or to keep families warm and safe in their homes with your donations towards their rent and utility bills? Together we will get it- we will continue to change lives one neighbor at a time.



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