“Finally” is a big word. Today, when we say “finally” at ACO, we are talking about the opening of the new, mega ALL COMMUNITY OUTREACH RESALE store. We have a final opening date of May 29th and will be open Mondays-Saturdays from 9am-6pm. Finally, I can announce this with confidence and EXCITEMENT!

As many of you know, this has taken much longer than planned but the delays and anticipation will be worth the wait. The store looks beautiful. With more than triple the floor space, we will have 4X more clothing racks, large furniture, home decor and housewares sections, and of course, treasures!

The new Diane Schoch Book Nook will feature a much larger selection of adult and children’s books. Book Nook volunteers are hard at work filling shelves with fiction and non-fiction, hard back and paperback books, videos, vinyl albums and more.

The Patricia Ann McGarity Volunteer Center is inside the store and will offer wonderful volunteer opportunities for the community to help us with product sorting, prep and displays. Volunteers will have a larger, climate-controlled work area and we can accommodate larger groups.

Also opening is the Diane and John Schoch Donation Center. With a drive thru and pull-up designated area, donors can pull up to our door and our staff and volunteers will be on hand to unload your household donations. The former drop-off location on Butler Drive will be permanently closed and we are so grateful to the City of Allen for the use of that space for many years to house our donation and processing staff.

Finally, this means that your donations will benefit more families than ever before. Priority for household items and clothing is sorted for the ACO Cares Center. This is a center provided only for our client families in need. Set just like a store, they may “shop” for what they need for their family, make selections and do so in private with respect of their dignity. Everything at the ACO Cares Center is provided at no charge to client families.

Donations not used at the ACO Cares Center are put on the sales floor at our resale store. You may ask how that helps families if we are selling items instead of giving them directly to those in need? The answer is simple. If we can turn your used household items into cash, that provides additional funding to help keep a family in their home by providing rental assistance or pay for the utility bills to keep them warm in the winter, and cool in the summertime. Even items that aren’t sellable (such as clothing missing buttons or stained, worn shoes, old laptops, electronics and cell phones) are all recycled so very little goes to landfills. I assure you that your donations are benefiting those local families in need in one way or another.

Finally now means that we can serve more families in need with the completion of phase 1 of our expansion. Finally phase 2 of the expansion will soon be underway to enlarge the food pantry space to return to client-shopping and an enlarged classroom for more workshops and training at the Kiser-Covington ACO Learning Academy.

What “finally” doesn’t mean is that our jobs are done. We can’t say “finally there is no more hunger in Collin County” or “finally no families are homeless in our communities.” Until that time, we will continue our mission and with your continued support someday perhaps together we can all say “FINALLY” our job is done.

One more thing…

With our second phase of expansion comes a need for additional funding for renovations and naming opportunities that are still available for the ACO Employment Center, the ACO Food Pantry and the ACO Cares Center. If you are interested in a naming opportunity with a large gift, please let me know.

No matter the size, your financial donation is a gift. And I thank you so very much for your gifts, your volunteer time and your support.

“Finally” I do have one more thing… I’d like to personally thank our donors who attended our VIP BLUEPRINT FOR THE FUTURE event. And, a special thanks to our sponsors CITY OF ALLEN and ALLEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, and to our host for the evening, Mayor Baine Brooks. It was a fun night to celebrate ACO and our future!



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