I’m Not a Patient Person. I Never Have Been.

I am terrible at waiting in a doctor’s office because I am so impatient. In airports I am even worse, particularly if my flight is delayed. Spending a day at a car repair shop is torture for me! When ACO has plans for a project or program, I am impatient and anxious to get started.

A year ago, ACO purchased the former Big Lots building in the shopping center at Main Street and Greenville Ave. Our plan was to quickly renovate the huge building and move our main ACO Resale Store and the Donation Center to that location. In the current location of the store at ACO’s Main Street building, we will then expand the ACO Food Pantry and combine with the ACO Cares Center in one convenient location for families in need of food and household items. All of this will allow for more operating income, an easier donation process, better service to clients and our capacity to serve more families in need.

A year later, I have had a huge lesson in patience and our staff excitement continues to build as we have been working on funding, construction plans and bids, and building permits. We are now ready to finally get started and we are so excited! It has certainly been a lesson for me in patience.

Most exciting is the major gift we have recently received from an individual donor to help us begin the total $2,000,000 renovation. The announcement will soon come about this most generous gift and funder, along with naming rights.

We are now seeking additional major funders, donors and gifts with naming opportunities. Leave a legacy showing your support with your name proudly displayed at the ACO Cares Center/ ACO Food Pantry, ACO Employment Center, ACO Learning Academy, ACO Volunteer Center and other areas. In addition, we will have the Changing Lives Donor Wall. Donations from $10,000 to $1,000,000+ are needed to complete the building projects and will be acknowledged for their contributions. I would love to talk with you if you are interested in a major gift.

In other news, as you may know the ACO Boutique had to move out of our location at Watters Creek Shopping Center this past summer. Not only has that store been a treasured stop for shoppers, but also generated income for ACO operations and programs. With the closing of the store, we’ve been short on funds and working diligently to find another location. Again, it’s been difficult to be patient through the process. But, an announcement will come very soon as to a new ACO Boutique and opening date. Stayed tuned…we’ve heard from many of you who are also impatient to get back to shopping our fabulous bargain and beautiful home décor!

Back to my lesson in patience…

ACO does change lives for so many Collin County families. Those who come to our doors in need of assistance to stay in their homes, feed their children, find employment and learn to become financially stable and independent, depend on our programs and services. We show patience and understanding with each and every family. And, while we want to immediately help them reach their goals, it takes time. But together with the support of our community through donations, volunteer time and partnerships we ARE CHANGING LIVES.

One more thing…

I mentioned that I would love to talk with anyone about a major gift for our expansion projects. Correction: I always enjoy talking with ALL of our donors who give freely of all sizes of financial gifts, household items and volunteer time. YOU, our donors and supporters are who make it all happen. YOU are the ones that are changing lives in Collin County. Our staff are only here to be the best stewards of your gifts to maximize the impact you make with every dollar, every sack of food, every donated bag of clothing and box of household items, and every hour of volunteer time. I am so grateful to YOU. And, I speak for the families whose lives we are changing on their behalf as I say “thank you.”



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