– An UPDATE from Marjorie Vaneskahian Burr, ACO CEO –

Dear ACO Friends and Supporters,


Last week I sent out a critical message, asking our community for support. To say “thank you” for your response is NOT ENOUGH!

I’m not sure I can put into words what my heart is feeling right now. I’m overwhelmed.

Last week I was fearful as to how ACO would manage moving forward with the increased need that will continue. I was concerned how we would manage the influx of families needing financial help AND the basic of needs- FOOD!

This week, I am not fearful. I am grateful. I am proud to be a small part of this incredible, giving community. I am beyond words to describe the gratitude I have for YOU as you help ACO to help those who need us most. Saying “thanks” for your donations- well, it’s just not enough. (More on this week’s donations needs below.)

On Saturday I stood with our staff and watched car after car drive through our food donation drop off, and saw the positive spirit. I saw smiles. I heard “thank you” so many times, as I waved and yelled “thank you” back. I saw folks I haven’t seen in years, but haven’t forgotten to support ACO. I saw new faces that wanted to share what they had.

In 7 hours YOU DONATED 13,800 LBS of food (that’s enough for 11,000 meals/ 170 families to feed) and household supplies, and more than $6,000 in cash donations and gift cards. “THANK YOU,” is just not enough for what you did for ACO!

I have spent the past 4 days watching online cash donations come in. Many are $50, $100, $500- a few are larger. But they are adding up. I recognized donor names, and saw many new names as they made the donations on our website. Together, your impact on what we can do to help families is HUGE! “THANK YOU,” is just not enough for what you are doing for ACO!

And like all of us, I have spent a lot of time watching social media. You blew up Facebook with our list of needs, your positive comments of support, and your kindness. “THANK YOU,” is just not enough for what you did for ACO! PLEASE keep those likes coming and share!

It’s a new week for all of us, and we don’t know what to expect. What I do know though, is that we will get through this together. THANK YOU!

One more thing….. IT’S NOT ENOUGH to stop now with your support. Please keep those donations coming. We’ve only begun to need you, and families are only beginning to realize that they need ACO!


Food Donations will continue to be accepted at 801 E. Main Street. There is a BIG BLUE AND PURPLE DROP BOX where you can leave your donations. We check it hourly. Call us if you have refrigerated or frozen items and we will take them from the curb. A list of needs is constantly updated on our website: https://www.acocares.org/get-involved/food-pantry/

Household goods of used clothing and housewares donations are on hold for the time being at our drop off center. Please hold on to your used donations for us, we will need them!

Financial gifts may be made online at www.ACOCARES.ORG, or mailed to ACO, 801 E. Main Street, Allen TX 75002.

Finally, please remember that Allen Community Outreach supports families all across Collin County, not just Allen. We aren’t only Allen Community Outreach, we are ALL COMMUNITY OUTREACH!

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