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Sam and his family cannot pay their bills. Sam has a low-wage job and his wife stays home with their young son due to the high cost of child care. Between their essential bills and the rising costs of food, gas and rent, Sam just doesn’t make enough to afford to live in Collin County. Sam needs is a better paying job. Then they can pay their bills, and have a little left over for emergencies as well as to start saving for a home of their own someday. ACO has education and employment programs to assist Sam and his family to create a path to financial security.

ACO’s mission is to assist with emergencies such as rent and utility bills, and groceries to feed families. We prevent hunger and homelessness. But ACO offers so much more. With a full range of education and employment services, ACO can help Sam and his wife.

They can have access to the ACO Food Pantry and Cares Center, which provides other essentials such as monthly groceries, diapers for their toddler, clothes, housewares and essential household items. Soon, Sam and his family are financially secure, better prepared to manage their finances, and have a bright future ahead. This is one of the hundreds of families ACO serves each month. As we say at ACO, “we change lives!”

These programs and services would not be possible without our donors and supporters. Please help us to change lives of families in Collin County and GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

Read more about our programs and services at acocares.org and donate today.



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