Volunteer Spotlight: Carol Forrester

We would like to recognize Carol Forrester. Carol has been a loyal volunteer at the ACO Food Pantry for 8 years!

Without dedicated volunteers like Carol, ACO would not be able to effectively serve families in need in our community. Our volunteers provide the manpower we need to reach our mission of preventing hunger and homelessness. 

 We asked Carol to answer a few questions about her service to ACO:

What do you like about volunteering at ACO?

I enjoy working with all the other volunteers I have met throughout the years. We are from different backgrounds and have our own different personalities, but we all have a common goal for serving at the food pantry. That goal is to make a small contribution of our time and energy in order to serve our community.

What’s one thing other volunteers might not know about you?

I was taught to serve others, especially those in need, at a very early age.

How does committing your time each week to serving others make you feel?

When I complete my shift at the food pantry, I am tired and have achy muscles. But, I am also experiencing inner peace and joy knowing my efforts at the  pantry will help an individual or a family in my community. Above all, it is fun working with Geoben, Angie, and all the volunteers. It is fun when you are surrounded by others who share the same core values of giving to others. That is my greatest reward for volunteering at the food pantry. It is fun!


“The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.”

-DeAnn Hollis

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