Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Aronoff

Jo Aronoff – Volunteer

Jo started volunteering in the ACO Resale Shop Book Nook in the summer of 2009. She states, “I had been a long-time school library and classroom reading skills volunteer. I believe in the empowerment of literacy. I also support the ACO mission. When their office sent out an email asking for help with Resale Shop books I knew it was the perfect community service fit for me! However, it’s the whole team of volunteers that makes the Book Nook so successful. I wouldn’t accomplish much without Shari Shaw, Dan and Maria Kern Ekins, Paula Meier, and Solina Marquis. I want to thank them for their tremendous weekly efforts and also thank the ACO staff for their guidance and support!”. And Jo, we thank YOU for making such a commitment to the community by serving here at ACO!


“Volunteers don’t get paid. Not because they’re worthless. But because they’re priceless.”

-Sherry Anderson

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