What is it like to be hungry during a pandemic? I don’t know that answer. 

For years I have worked with efforts to end hunger in our communities. But I’ve never been through a year like this. I am worried about how ACO will continue to care and provide for all of the families that are coming each week to our food pantry for groceries. How will we manage through the holidays to feed so many families? Can we keep up this pace into 2021?

As I have mentioned before, the number of families we are serving today has tripled since January 2020. Thankfully, we have had a most supportive and giving community as its residents step up to help us with this need. Thankfully we’ve had support from the county’s Cares Act funds, food drives from local businesses and groups, donations left at our pantry drop box, checks coming in the mail and online, and a dedicated team of ACO staff and volunteers to keep going day after day. It’s the time of year to be thankful.

I know that we will provide. I know that ACO will take care of our neighbors. As long as there are hungry families in Collin County, I know that our staff will continue to load groceries into the long lines at the ACO Food Pantry. And I know that you will help. I know that ACO can count on you as we always have!

This Saturday from 2-5pm ACO will host the HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE and we are asking for you to drive by and drop off donations of our most needed food items so that we can provide holiday dinners for many families this season.

It’s a simple drive and drop process, and ACO volunteers will be there to unload your car and offer donation receipts. The HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE will be at 2 Butler Drive, just off of McDermott next to the City of Allen and Allen Police Department.

While I don’t know what it is like to face hunger during a pandemic, I do know that in Collin County we work, live and thrive with the support and kindness of each other. See you on Saturday!


We need turkeys! Frozen turkeys and hams are needed. We’ve got plenty of freezer space and we appreciate your donations!

Thank you in advance for your donations this holiday season! Thank you to those are hosting food drives for the ACO Food Pantry. And, thank you for your holiday financial gifts. Together we will take care of our community!

I know many of you are asking about our plans for providing toys and gifts for Christmas to local children. I will give you more details in my next message. ACO is again partnering with Collin County Toys For Tots!


    • Turkeys and Hams
    • Canned Vegetables
    • Canned Pumpkin
    • Cranberry Sauce
    • Yams
    • Gravy (canned/dry packet)
    • Instant Potatoes
    • Stuffing/Dressing Mix
    • Sugar (up to 5 lbs.)
    • Bisquick (baking mix)
    • Cake Mix
    • Cooking Oil (smaller bottles)

Many thanks,

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