Year-End 2023

-A Holiday Message from Marjorie V. Burr, ACO CEO


I Know What You Are Worrying About…

It’s only hours away from Christmas eve and you are worried about finding time for gift wrapping and making sure that the turkey is thawed. Did you forget the marshmallows at the grocery store? Are you packed for the ski trip to leave after Christmas? A million little things are in our minds that we are worrying about at this time of year.

But for some families their worries are very different. Is there enough food to last through the holidays until the food pantries open again? Can I find a few extra dollars for that one special gift that my child asked Santa to bring? Will the electricity be disconnected before Christmas? A big family dinner or weeklong ski vacation are not at all their worries.

Our staff at All Community Outreach works tirelessly to relieve those worries of panic and despair during the holidays. When we say that YOU change lives, we are serious. With your support, we can make sure that worries are minimized so that the true spirit of the season and joy can be felt by all of our friends and neighbors.

The best gift that I can imagine is knowing that I made an impact on someone less fortunate. It’s not about the Christmas tree that I spent hours decorating so it would be just perfect. And it’s not about the holiday parties or the vacations we may plan.

The best gift that we can offer is to share what we have with others, and to bring joy and happiness to our community. So much can be possible with a quick tax-deductible online donation or check written and mailed before year-end to ACO.

The best gift that I can offer to you is my sincerest appreciation for your giving heart and your helping hands. From our entire staff, our Board of Directors, and our volunteers ALL thank you for your financial gifts. Together with funds and time, kindness and compassion, we are changing lives this season and relieving worries throughout the year.

One more thing…. Year-end cash donations are vital to our organization. Your year-end gifts help us begin the new year with the funds that we need to operate and support so many local families. .

To receive a tax receipt on your 2023 tax return, we must receive your financial support online before midnight on December 31st, or a check dated 12/31/23 and postmarked before the end of the year. Donate securely online at or mail or drop your check to ACO, 801 E. Main Street, Allen TX 75002. There is a mail slot at our mail entrance if we are closed.

Year-end household donations are also greatly appreciated! Many of us take the time during the holidays to clean out the old and make room for new! ACO’s Donation/Processing Center welcomes your clothing and household items at our drop off location at 2 Butler Drive in Allen, next to the Allen Police Station. Our staff will be on hand to unload donations from your cars. A tax receipt is also given for your household donations! Check our website for all locations operating hours. 

And, with that- I wish you are worry-free holiday and a happy new year!

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