You Know Sam

If you’ve been following my monthly messages or heard our staff presentations, then you know Sam. He’s the father and husband who is trying to live and work in Collin County, yet has struggled with finances and finding living wage employment to support his family. We’ve told you of his struggles and how ACO has helped Sam and his wife plan for expenses and work within a budget, and helped him find a better paying job. Sam is one of the many individuals who come to All Community Outreach for assistance every day.

We are able to help families like Sam’s because of the support we receive from the community. We are able to do what we do because of YOU.

You know Sam. His name may be different, and he may be a Mom instead of a Dad. They may be a single woman unable to feed her children this summer or buy school supplies as they start school. They may be in need of their GED diploma to find work, or unable to find a job and need guidance.

You know Sam. You see Sam every day in your neighborhood, in the pick-up line at the elementary school, at the grocery store, or the park. You see people like Sam everywhere, but you can’t see their fears, struggles and challenges.

You will soon receive a large postcard in the mail from ACO, with a reminder about how we help Sam and other families like his each and every day. The postcard is a reminder to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE and is a call to action for you to support ACO with a financial gift during our annual summertime campaign.

ACO’s mission is to assist with emergencies such as rent, utility bills, and groceries to feed families. We prevent hunger and homelessness. But ACO offers so much more. With a full range of education and employment services, ACO helps families prepare for and find better paying jobs to become financially stable.

Families can have access to the ACO Food Pantry and Cares Center, which provides other essentials such as monthly groceries, diapers, clothes, housewares and essential household items. We help families become self-sufficient, and plan for a bright future ahead. As we say at ACO, “we change lives!”

Your gifts of all amounts help change lives. Donations of $100 can provide kid-friendly food for a child’s breakfast and lunch all summer long. $300 can keep the electricity on for a family facing a cut-off notice. $500 can help a family stay safe in their home with rental assistance. And, as little as $25 can make an impact if we all give where we live.

ACO has been helping families in our community since 1985 and we have grown over the years in the areas we serve across Collin County and with the programs and services we offer to match the needs of our community.

However, this would not be possible without our donors and supporters. Please help us to change lives of families in Collin County like Sam’s and GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE! Don’t wait, give today to ACO.

One more thing…

It’s summertime. It’s time for kids to run and play, and have fun. It’s also time for the fridge door to be opened a hundred times a day while kids are out of school and at home. It’s a time when there’s no Free Lunch program support like they have during the school year. That means it is time for ACO Summer Kids Food Program!

Hundreds and hundreds of big boxes of kid-friendly foods are being packed and given to families as they come to the ACO Food Pantry distribution. Easy to prepare breakfast and lunch items and healthy snacks fill those boxes. And, your donations make it possible. Another reason to give! No child should EVER go hungry and as long as ACO is here, they will be fed! Make a financial gift to help support this program, see our website for the most needed items that you can donate, or order from the ACO Wish List on Amazon and have it delivered directly to the pantry!

I hope that your summer if off to a great start. Let’s take care of each other. GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!



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