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ACO is the financial steward of many grants and donations provided to help our Collin County neighbors in need. Some ACO services (e.g. Food Support) only require you to provide proof that you live in Collin County. Other ACO services that include the disbursement of funds (e.g. housing, utility assistances, etc.) do require you to provide identification, financial documents, bills, etc. to enable ACO to determine your need and qualifications. ACO does not share your confidential information with anyone outside of ACO without your permission.

After you read and understand the ACO services available, please come back here to complete ONE application per year (as needed).

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ACO Services and Programs

Food Support

Drive-thru Food Pantry

The Food Pantry provides groceries for Collin County individuals and families in need. Any Collin County families can come to ACO’s 801 E. Main Street drive-thru location on:

  • Tuesdays 9AM – 11AM and 5PM – 7PM
  • Thursdays 9AM – 11AM
  • Saturdays 9AM – 11AM
  • Proof of Collin County residency is required. A punch card will be provided in the drive-thru service line.

Emergency Food Supplies

Sometimes the need for food is NOW. For those extreme situation ACO’s 801 E. Main Street location stocks a limited number of basic food supplies in our main office for those in need. If you are in need of emergency food call ACO’s office at (972)-727-9131.

Housing (Mortgage and Rent) Assistance

Mortgage and rent assistance is available for Collin County residents who qualify. If you need emergency shelter, call ACO  (972) 727-9131 so we can help you with a referral.


Utility (Electric and Natural Gas) Financial Assistance

Utility assistance is available for Collin County residents who qualify. ACO works with many Utility providers including TXU Energy CoServ, Atmos, and many more. Assistance may be available for non- Collin County residents that have TXU Energy, CoServ and Atmos.

Health-related Financial Assistance

ACO provides financial assistance for medical sick visits, prescriptions, lab work, and X-Rays for Collin County individuals who qualify.


The number one reason many of our neighbors need ACO services is unemployment and underemployment. ACO has a staff of professionals who can help you define your skills, detail your experience, revise your resume, and prepare for interviews, etc. The Employment Services are available for Collin County residents 18 years or older.  Please consider using the two job search sites below:

Education Services


GED Assistance

ACO provides Collin County residents that have not obtained a high school diploma an opportunity to receive the following:

  • Online study prep courses
  • Computer lab space and time
  • Academic Support/Tutoring
  • GED Testing Fee Support


Requirements- Cannot be enrolled in a public, private, home, online or charter high school. If 17 years old or younger, you need Texas Education Agency approval to enroll in a GED preparatory class

Higher Education Assistance

  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Scholarship Application Assistance
  • Professional Certification Application Assistance

Financial Coaching Services

ACO provides financial coaching to help you become more financially stable.  Here are a few of the tools offered:

  • Develop income and expense budgets that align with your goals and income level
  • Improve your Credit Scores and credit building
  • Strategies to paydown and off debt
  • Develop savings plans
  • Assist with making informed financial decisions

Special ACO Programs

Cares Center

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The ACO Cares Center allows clients to shop in a COVID-safe environment (masks required) to select clothing, household necessities, small appliances and personal hygiene products while receiving personalized assistance. A large variety of clothing and items will be available, all in top condition and variety, in stylish options for all ages and needs.

Kids Summer Food

Our Food Pantry also offers families with children enrolled in school and participating in the free or reduced lunch program summer food assistance through our Kids Summer Food program for as long as supplies last. All school aged residents of Collin County can participate in our Kids Summer Food program. Distribution is during the summer months. For more information, click here.

Fill the Bus

Fill the Bus provides students enrolled in Collin County ISD schools from PreK-8th grade backpacks and school supplies. Click here to sign up!

Additional Crisis Resources for Collin County Families

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