The ACO Food Pantry will provide Drive-Thru Distribution of groceries to any Collin County family coming to 801 E. Main Street during the following hours:  Tuesdays 9 -11 AM and 5 – 7 PM, Thursdays 9 – 11 AM, and Saturdays 9 – 11 AM.  Proof of Collin County residency is required.

Our mobile food pantry is available in Branch, TX every third Wednesday of the month.

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry provides food assistance for individuals and families struggling with food security. Once you have been approved to receive food assistance, you will schedule a time to shop for food, household and hygiene items of your choice up to a weight limit based on the number of people in your household. If you would like to apply for food services from our Pantry, please click here to fill out the application or call (972) 727-9131.

Emergency Food Supplies

We keep a limited number of basic food supplies in our main office for those in extreme need. If you are in need of basic food supplies NOW, please click here to complete the application or call our office at 972-727-9131.

Housing and Utility Financial Assistance

Assistance with rent and mortgage is provided for persons who qualify. We also facilitate utility assistance for customers of TXU Energy and CoServ. If you need emergency shelter, we can provide you with a referral. For these types of help, please click here to complete this application or call  (972) 727-9131 with questions.

At this critical time, ACO’s main focus will be on providing emergency services related to housing and food assistance throughout Collin County. Education, Financial Coaching and Employment Services remain available on an individual case basis until regular business practices can be resumed.

Education, Financial Coaching & Employment Services

In addition to Income Support, ACO provides Education and Employment Services to help individuals further their education, start a career, improve employment qualifications, and/or work toward financial independence.


GED Preparatory Classes

  • Traditional classroom or self-guided semi-independent setting
  • Academic Support/Tutoring
  • Case Management/Coaching
  • GED Testing Fee Income Support

Who Can Enroll?

Collin County residents or persons living in homelessness

  • Without a high school diploma
  • Not currently enrolled in a public, private, home, online or charter high school
  • If 17 years old or younger, who HAVE Texas Education Agency approval to enroll in a GED preparatory class

Higher Education Assistance

  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Scholarship Application Assistance
  • Professional Certification Application Assistance

Who Can Apply?

Collin County residents 18 years and older or persons living in homelessness

  • Who have a high school education  or partial college hours or an Associate’s Degree
  • Who need assistance obtaining/renewing a certification


  • One-on-One budgeting
  • Financial Education and support aimed to increase savings and manage debt
  • Credit building

Who Can Enroll?

Collin County residents 18 years and older or persons living in homelessness

Inquiries about enrollment, please contact Michael Donahue, Director of Education Services 972-727-9131


  • Resume Revision
  • Interview Skills Coaching
  • Employment Referrals
  • Application Assistance

Who Can Apply?

Collin County residents 18 years and older or persons living in homelessness

Click here to fill out an application to apply for Employment Assistance.

What Documents do I need to Provide?

Please bring ONE of the following to prove identity:
Driver’s license
State identification
School identification
Shelter identification
Household bill in your name or
Social Security card or number (You do not need a Social Security card or a social security number to enroll in ACO’s GED program.)

Please bring ONE of the following to prove residency:
Current lease agreement
Mortgage statement or
Letter from shelter, family or friend with whom you live, if homeless

Please bring ONE of the following to prove household income:
Paycheck stub within the last 30 days
SNAP benefits letter or
Social Security award letter

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Click here for an application or call (972) 727-9131 to schedule an office appointment with Education and Employment Services.


Health Assistance

Financial assistance for physician and specialist visits, prescriptions, lab work, radiology and other medical tests is available for individuals who qualify. Please click here to fill out an application.

Kids Summer Food

Our Food Pantry also offers families with children enrolled in school and participating in the free or reduced lunch program summer food assistance through our Kids Summer Food program for as long as supplies last. All school aged residents of Collin County can participate in our Kids Summer Food program. Pick-up is Tuesday from 9-11 am and 5-7 pm, Thursday 9-11 am, and Saturday 9-11 am. Proof of Collin County residency is required. A punch card will be provided in the drive thru service line.

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