OUR VOLUNTEERS ROCK! We are very thankful for each and every one of them. Without the 25,000+ volunteer hours given each year by more than 3,000 caring community members, ACO would not be able to offer all the services and programs to individuals and families in need.

Here are the three requirements that are needed to become a volunteer at ACO:

Part 1 – Everyone who wants to volunteer, regardless of age, whether it is as a General Volunteer, Student Service Hours or Court Appointed, MUST complete an online Volunteer Application. For adults age 18 and older, please complete Parts 2. There is a $20.00 Background Check Fee for General Volunteer age 18 and older and Court Appointed Volunteers.

Part 2 – Volunteers age 18 and older only, should complete the online Background Check.

  • Once you have paid for the Volunteer Background Check in Part 1, you will receive the instructions on how to complete this last required step.
  • A Volunteer Application is valid for 2 years.


Are you a student and want to volunteer?

  • College and High School students may volunteer independently at the ACO Resale Shop and the Food Pantry.
  • Students under the age of 18 are required to get parent’s consent and must complete only Part 1 of the Volunteer Application.
  • For safety reason, each student in middle school (age 12-13) is required to volunteer with a parent or guardian.


Take me to the ACO Volunteer Application Process
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