What now?

Our new resale store is open and filled with wonderful home decor, clothing, books, and treasures. Thanks to our community for providing household donations, we continue to grow our customer base, which in turn generates funds for ACO’s programs and services.

With the grand opening of ALL COMMUNITY OUTREACH RESALE behind us, many are asking “what now?” Well, I am so glad that you asked. We have more exciting news as we continue with phase 2 of expansion plans.

ACO Cares Center has been in rented space the past few years. As a reminder, this is the location designed specifically for families in need of household items and the essentials that they need. With a predetermined dollar amount loaded into their “cares account,” based on family size, they shop for the items that they need while having to spend within their budgeted amount. It provides families with the items they need at no cost, while also being designed as a teaching tool for budgeting and life skills. We will be relocating the center to ACO’s campus on Main Street, in the former resale store space.

The Kiser-Covington ACO Learning Academy hosts classes and workshops several days each week. These training classes are steadily growing and outgrowing our current space. This too will be relocated to the former resale store space, with expanded classrooms.

While these plans are underway, ACO is also vacating the borrowed warehouse space that we have occupied next to the Allen Police Department. The Donation Center has moved next door to our new resale store on Greenville Avenue. The Food Pantry storage, also housed in that warehouse is moving to an improved area with better volunteer workspace at the Main Street location.

So, if you ask, “what now?” I can tell you it is more growth and expansion to meet the needs of our community and services to families in crisis. “What now” is that we continue to seek funding to support our growth.

What all of this means is that we will offer more classes for GED, financial literacy and budgeting, job search and interview skills, Microsoft Office computer software certifications, classes offered in Spanish, health and wellness, and more to come.

It also means that families needing assistance will now visit a case director, attend a training class, load up on groceries at the ACO Food Pantry, and make an appointment to “shop” at the ACO Cares Center, all in one central location. And it means that additional funding is needed to keep operating and offering these vital programs and services. Your help is needed to ensure that we continue to prevent hunger and homelessness.

When you give to ACO, you are supporting the tools needed to not only alleviate the crisis a family is currently facing but also providing the personal guidance from a case manager to offer life skills, job skills and a path to financial independence.

One more thing…

I heard squeals coming from a car in the food pantry distribution line last week. It was cheers from two children with their arms out of the back window who were so excited to be handed their box of ACO SUMMER KIDS foods! It is a special day when we can bring smiles and joy with a simple box of groceries!

It is time for our annual summertime GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE campaign. Every $50 you donate provides kid-friendly foods to students who are home during the summer without the support of the Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch programs that they have during the school year. $150 can keep the electricity on during the sweltering summer months, and $500+ can help a family pay their rent and prevent homelessness. We have a large goal to reach with this campaign and are off to a slow start. It is a busy time for those of us with families, vacations, summer camps, etc., but I hope that you will take a moment to write a check or give to our campaign online at acocares.org.

Every dollar you donate, no matter the size of the gift, will change lives. Click here for a secure online donation or mail your check to 801 E MAIN ST, ALLEN TX 75069.



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